Emily Lundgren

science fiction & fantasy writer

Emily Lundgren is a student of fiction at the Northeast Ohio MFA and a Clarion UCSD 2017 graduate. When not writing, she is probably lighting the bonfire at The Painted World in Dark Souls. You can follow her on twitter @emslun.


Emily Lundgren was born in Nebraska and raised in South Dakota. She received her MA from the University of South Dakota, and her MFA from the Northeast Ohio MFA program on the fiction track. Emily attended the Clarion Writer's Workshop at UCSD in 2017 and has been a first reader for South Dakota Review and Lightspeed Magazine

Her stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Shimmer Magazine and Luna Station Quarterly

Emily currently resides in Yankton, South Dakota with her person, her dog, and a healthy obsession with Dark Soul 3.  She is currently hard at work on finishing her first novel about necromancers in an alt-history Nebraska. 

Connect with her on social media through the links at the bottom of the page.