Emily Lundgren

science fiction & fantasy writer

Emily Lundgren is a student of fiction at the Northeast Ohio MFA and a Clarion UCSD 2017 graduate. When not writing, she is probably lighting the bonfire at The Painted World in Dark Souls. You can follow her on twitter @emslun.

Locus 2018 Recommended Reading List

It’s been a quiet few months, mostly due to the fact I’ve dubbed 2019 the year of “Emily finishes and begins to send out her novel” and have reigned back on social media to focus intensely on my writing - but I’ve come out of the den to deliver some super cool news.

My story “Passenger” made the Locus 2018 Recommended Reading List!

I’m honored to represent Shimmer in their last year alongside Wren Wallis, Stephanie Charette, Dr. Octavia Cade, Rebecca Campbell, and Sara Saab. I’m also particularly proud to join this list alongside my fellow Clarion 2017 classmate Karen Osborne with “The Bodice, The Hem, The Woman, Death” from Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Check out the link and wish me luck on finishing my first novel!

Cover story for Shimmer #44

Excited to reveal the beautiful and haunting cover by Sandro Castelli for my story "The Passenger." I think Sandro captured a vibe I've been going for in my writing for a long time, so when I saw the cover I was so excited to see it visualized in a different medium. Check out the story and others in Shimmer #44, now available for purchase! 


MFA Graduation

Happy to announce that I have completed my MFA from the Northeast Ohio MFA 3-year program!

My thesis was a collection of six fantasy and fabulist short stories and a novella. Three of those short stories have already sold (!), and I'm looking forward to polishing up the rest to begin sending out. I'm especially excited for my novella - a six-guns and sorcery adventure taking place in an apocalyptic Nebraska. 

Last year ago today I began my first day at UCSD's Clarion. My how time flies! 

Interview with Anna O'Brien

LSQ: You’ve accomplished an intricate and nicely rendered combination of a mystical and futuristic setting. Does this reflect the types of stories you like to read? What are some pieces that have greatly influenced you, either for this piece or in writing in general? 

Emily: Thank you! Yes, it definitely reflects the types of stories I love to read. Just recently, I’ve been enamored with JY Yang’s Tensorate series (from Tor), The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of War. I should also include the Binti trilogy (also from Tor) by Nnedi Okorafor. What I love about both—but especially Yang’s, is their ability to bind together tropes of fantasy and tropes of science fiction into their world building. Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamberwas also life-changing for me in terms of the style/lyricism that I use in my writing.

To read the full Interview head to Luna Station Quarterly.

Shimmer 2017 Anthology


2017 was a huge year for me, not only did I spend the summer at the Clarion Writer's Workshop, I also made my first pro sale to Shimmer Magazine at the end of 2016. The story "Trees" was originally published in their Jan 2017 digital edition #35 [linked here]. 1 year later in Jan 2018, Shimmer published the 2017 anthology, and I saw my writing in print for the first time. 

This anthology is filled with lyrical, beautiful stories threaded together by editors who take the time to help craft each story into gems. It was a delight to work with E. Catherine Tobler and her team of badgers. Not only that, but I get to share this space with a fellow Clarion grad, Ashley Blooms - check out her haunting story "Fallow" in edition #37 [linked here], if you get the chance, and make sure to check out and subscribe to Shimmer Magazine while you're at it! 


Interview with E. Catherine Tobler

CT: Tell us how "Trees Struck by Lightning Burning From the Inside Out" came to be.

EL: This probably isn’t surprising, but in general, the whirlwind, terrible year of 2016. Including, but not limited to: the Trump campaign, the Pulse shooting, the sheer willpower needed to not engage with stubborn ignorance on social media, a constant undercurrent of anxiety about both the future of the world in general and navigating it personally as an adult, the dirt-bike warboys in my neighborhood who race by my rental shouting and waving paintball guns, and the junkyard next to the train tracks across the road where they go to four-wheel...

To read the full interview, visit Shimmer for a digital copy of Shimmer #35.

Interview by E. Catherine Tobler.