Emily Lundgren

science fiction & fantasy writer

Emily Lundgren is a student of fiction at the Northeast Ohio MFA and a Clarion UCSD 2017 graduate. When not writing, she is probably lighting the bonfire at The Painted World in Dark Souls. You can follow her on twitter @emslun.

Interview with Anna O'Brien

LSQ: You’ve accomplished an intricate and nicely rendered combination of a mystical and futuristic setting. Does this reflect the types of stories you like to read? What are some pieces that have greatly influenced you, either for this piece or in writing in general? 

Emily: Thank you! Yes, it definitely reflects the types of stories I love to read. Just recently, I’ve been enamored with JY Yang’s Tensorate series (from Tor), The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of War. I should also include the Binti trilogy (also from Tor) by Nnedi Okorafor. What I love about both—but especially Yang’s, is their ability to bind together tropes of fantasy and tropes of science fiction into their world building. Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamberwas also life-changing for me in terms of the style/lyricism that I use in my writing.

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