Emily Lundgren

science fiction & fantasy writer

Emily Lundgren is a student of fiction at the Northeast Ohio MFA and a Clarion UCSD 2017 graduate. When not writing, she is probably lighting the bonfire at The Painted World in Dark Souls. You can follow her on twitter @emslun.

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Interview with E. Catherine Tobler

CT: Tell us how "Trees Struck by Lightning Burning From the Inside Out" came to be.

EL: This probably isn’t surprising, but in general, the whirlwind, terrible year of 2016. Including, but not limited to: the Trump campaign, the Pulse shooting, the sheer willpower needed to not engage with stubborn ignorance on social media, a constant undercurrent of anxiety about both the future of the world in general and navigating it personally as an adult, the dirt-bike warboys in my neighborhood who race by my rental shouting and waving paintball guns, and the junkyard next to the train tracks across the road where they go to four-wheel...

To read the full interview, visit Shimmer for a digital copy of Shimmer #35.

Interview by E. Catherine Tobler.